Cast: Michael Renfro


I’m Michael Shane Renfro, the host of Gladiator Law Marketing’s new show/podcast Legal Heroes & Villains. I feel both honored as well as privileged to take on this role, but most of all I’m freakin’ thrilled to my core about the opportunity.

Since I can remember, I have wanted to entertain people, you know, make them laugh. I was always the class clown – many trips to the principal’s office. However, as I have entered into my “middle ages”, as they call them, the idea of making a difference in this world has become an overwhelming, everyday thought. Therefore, the time has come for action, not just thought.

My background is at best a motley compilation of extremely odd events and happenings. Many good and many bad, but all were necessary for me to have gotten where I am today. This is the exact concept for Legal Heroes & Villains – the reality that there are two sides to every position and that point in fact, even your hero is actually someone else’s villain.

Thanks for reading my short bio and I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.

See You on the Next Show!

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