Cast: Mason Van Lunenburg



My name is Mason van Lunenburg and I’m super-stoked to introduce myself as the co-host for our new and exciting talk show – Legal Heroes & Villains.

Wanna know some more about me? – Well, I’m a 26-year-old SEO marketer, born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In high school, I had my first taste of real-world success when I won a $300 prize for stand-up comedy in Kalamazoo’s United Teens Talent Show. In college, I studied advertising and worked as a radio DJ-host for Michigan State’s local student station: Impact 89FM. I also took part in MSU’s web-based comedy series; Giraffe House, where I helped to produce, shoot and edit short sketch comedy films for YouTube.

Ever since I was a curious young boy I’ve been a particularly strong Devil’s advocate and I’ve never been afraid to change my mind about anything provided enough evidence. I truly believe that good and evil; chaos and harmony; right and wrong; – are all matters of perspective and in the objective world, one cannot exist without the other, if they even exist at all. If I do my job right on Legal Heroes & Villains, I will at the very least shine a light on whichever perspective is your opposite.

See You Out There!

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