Cast: Jacob Smith


I was raised in Western Kentucky amongst the coal miners and farmers in a small town called Morganfield. A few years down the road I was able to make my way a little further east to Lexington, where I went to school at the University of Kentucky. Throughout my time of growing up and going to school, I had no idea I would be joining 2 guys on a podcast to debate legal topics… but here I am!

I now live in Northern KY right across the bridge from Cincinnati, OH with my girlfriend Amanda and our zoo of a house, my 2 dogs Sammie and Gracie and our cat Hank. I enjoy going to grab a beer with friends and placing the occasional sports bet, that I will inevitably lose because the system is rigged (yea ok man). But that’s not all, if so, that would be kind of sad… I also enjoy taking a few road trips a year to visit buddies and of course the classic vacation to Myrtle Beach that every single other American takes as well. When I am not on the show, I’m working at a Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping Lawyers get visibility on the internet and I love what I do for a career.

Join into Legal Heroes and Villains if you want to hear more about me, legal issues, and whatever else is brought up for discussion, see you all there!

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